Dec 14
How to generate MPIN for HDFC Bank users

An HDFC Bank customer can generate MPIN from HDFC Bank MobileBanking or NetBanking.

Generate MPIN from HDFC Bank MobileBanking

Download HDFC Bank MobileBanking App – 


Log in to HDFC Bank MobileBanking App & go to ‘Accounts‘ option at the bottom.




Generate MPIN from HDFC Bank NetBanking

Log in to HDFC Bank NetBanking from here. Open ‘Accounts‘ section and select ‘Requests

Step 1: Click on “Generate MPIN”.7

Step 2: Select the account for which you want to generate MPIN.8

Step 3: Press  “Confirm” after checking all the details.9


For any query send an email to

Dec 14
How to generate MPIN for Saraswat Bank users

To generate MPIn for your Saraswat Bank account, customer st needs to register for Saraswat Bank MobileBanking (Go-Mo app). You can register for MobileBanking either from NetBanking or from Saraswat Bank ATM.


From Saraswat Bank NetBanking:

Step 1: Login to Saraswat Bank NetBanking and go to “MobileBanking registration” option.


Step 2: Enter your registered mobile number with the bank. Set a 4 digit Login PIN & transaction PIN.

Use your Login PIN on Chillr to complete transactions on Chillr.



From Saraswat Bank ATM

Step 1: Swipe your debit card.

Step 2: Select a language.

Step 3: Enter your ATM PIN and press YES.

Step 4: Select MobileBanking Registration option.

Step 5: Enter your 10 digit mobile number.

Step 6: Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number.

Step 7: Set a 4 digit ‘IMPS Registration Login PIN’.

Note: Use your ‘IPMS Login PIN’ as MPIN on Chillr to complete transactions.

Step 8: Set a 4 digit Transaction PIN.

(You may also register for Mobile Banking via Internet Banking – Just click on ‘Mobile Banking Registration’ after logging in)

Dec 14
How to generate MPIN for Bank of Baroda users

A Bank of Baroda customer needs to register for M-Connect & generate MPIN & MMID. You can register for M-Connect either from NetBanking or by visiting Bank of Baroda ATM. After completing this it is mandatory to change your MPIN before making transactions on Chillr.

A) Register for M-connect app

1. From NetBanking

Bank of Baroda users need to first register for M-Connect app. This registration can be done through NetBanking. Just follow the steps given below;

Step 1: Log into Bank of Baroda NetBanking.

Step 2: Click on “MobileBanking” under “My Account”.


Step 3: Select the account to register on M-connect.


Upon successful registration, you will get URL Link to download application, application password and MPIN.

2. From Bank of Baroda ATM

You can use our ATM to register yourself for MobileBanking.
Upon successful registration, you will get URL Link to download application, application password and MPIN.

Now download the Bank of Baroda M-connect app and generate your MMID.

MMID generation from M-Connect app:

After downloading Bank of Baroda M-Connect app. Follow the given steps;

11 22

B) Change MPIN

It is mandatory to change your MPIN to get started on Chillr. It can be changed from M-Connect app of Bank of Baroda.


Dec 14
How to generate MPIN for Bharat Bank users

Bharat Bank customers need to complete following simple steps to generate MPIN.


Step 1: Download Chillr by visiting Google PlayStore/App Store/Windows Store –

Step 2: Open Chillr & enter your mobile number, name and email id.

Step 3: Select “Bharat Bank” as your bank.

Bharat Bank personnel will contact you within 24 hours to complete MobileBanking registration. After the confirmation, your MMID & MPIN will be generated and shared with you.

If you did NOT receive MPIN from Bharat Bank then send an email to & include your full name and registered mobile number in the email for our reference
Dec 09
How to generate MPIN for PMC Bank users

PMC Bank customers need MPIN to get started on Chillr. If you are not registered for PMC Bank MobileBanking , then you can complete following simple steps to generate MPIN.

A) Register for MobileBanking

User can visit nearest PMC Bank ATM and register for MobileBanking


He can submit a duly filled e-banking form to PMC Bank home branch and register for MobileBanking.

On successful registration, you will receive your MPIN & MMID on his registered mobile number.

B) Change MPIN

After registering for MobileBanking, it is mandatory for you to change your MPIN. It can be changed either by sending an SMS or from the MobileBanking app.

Send SMS [OPIN] space [OLD MPIN] space [NEW MPIN] to 9773251313 from your registered mobile number.


From PMC Bank MobileBanking app

You can download PMC MobileBanking app from

Dec 09
How to generate TPIN for Greater Bank users

To generate MPIN all you need to do is register for Greater Bank MobileBanking;

Step 1: Contact your home branch of  Greater Bank register for MobileBanking. One successful registration, you will receive your TPIN via SMS.
Step 2: Change this new TPIN on Chillr to start transacting.

For any support, send an email  to

Dec 09
How to generate MPIN for Bank of India users
You can generate MPIN from USSD service.

Generate MPIN from USSD:

Step 1: Dial *99#

Step 2: Enter bank’s short name “BOI”

Step 3: In the next screen select option 7 “MPIN”

Step 4: Select option 1 “Generate MPIN”

Step 5: Enter the information in the format (Last 6 digits of card no.) Space (Expiry date MMYY)

E.g. 123456 1122

Step 6: Enter the MPIN which you want to set in the format (MPIN) Space (Re-enter MPIN)

E.g. 9876 9876

Upon successful generation of MPIN a message will be displayed saying – MPIN associated with a/c XXXXXXXX1234 set successfully. (Txn Ref No 123456789123)


If you are not registered for USSD service then you can register from NetBanking by following a few simple steps;

To register for USSD service:

Step 1: Go to Bank of India NetBanking website, in “Internet Banking” select Retail banking.Picture1

Step 2: Login using your User Id and password.Picture2

Step 3: Click on “Requests” on top of the screen.Picture3

Step 4: Select “USSD (NUUP) Requests”.Picture4

Step 5: Click on “Regenerate MPIN for USSD based MobileBanking facility”Picture10

Step 6: Enter your User ID, Transaction password and press “Submit”. Picture9

For any support, send an email  to

Dec 09
How to generate MPIN for Andhra Bank users

A user can generate MPIN by following either one of the two ways mentioned below.

1. Andhra Bank mPAY app

Andhra Bank 1 Andhra Bank 2

MPIN will be sent on your registered mobile number via SMS once the request is processed.

2. From Andhra Bank ATM

To generate MPIN from ATM, visit nearest Andhra Bank ATM and complete following steps.

Swipe ATM card > Transaction Type > Services > Select language > Enter ATM Pin > Mobile Banking > Registration > Agree > Enter Mobile Number > Re-enter Mobile Number > Select A/C type > Collect transaction receipt

Transaction receipt will have MPIN.