Dec 09
How to generate MPIN for PMC Bank users

PMC Bank customers need MPIN to get started on Chillr. If you are not registered for PMC Bank MobileBanking , then you can complete following simple steps to generate MPIN.

A) Register for MobileBanking

User can visit nearest PMC Bank ATM and register for MobileBanking


He can submit a duly filled e-banking form to PMC Bank home branch and register for MobileBanking.

On successful registration, you will receive your MPIN & MMID on his registered mobile number.

B) Change MPIN

After registering for MobileBanking, it is mandatory for you to change your MPIN. It can be changed either by sending an SMS or from the MobileBanking app.

Send SMS [OPIN] space [OLD MPIN] space [NEW MPIN] to 9773251313 from your registered mobile number.


From PMC Bank MobileBanking app

You can download PMC MobileBanking app from

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