Dec 09
How to generate MPIN for Bank of India users
You can generate MPIN from USSD service.

Generate MPIN from USSD:

Step 1: Dial *99#

Step 2: Enter bank’s short name “BOI”

Step 3: In the next screen select option 7 “MPIN”

Step 4: Select option 1 “Generate MPIN”

Step 5: Enter the information in the format (Last 6 digits of card no.) Space (Expiry date MMYY)

E.g. 123456 1122

Step 6: Enter the MPIN which you want to set in the format (MPIN) Space (Re-enter MPIN)

E.g. 9876 9876

Upon successful generation of MPIN a message will be displayed saying – MPIN associated with a/c XXXXXXXX1234 set successfully. (Txn Ref No 123456789123)


If you are not registered for USSD service then you can register from NetBanking by following a few simple steps;

To register for USSD service:

Step 1: Go to Bank of India NetBanking website, in “Internet Banking” select Retail banking.Picture1

Step 2: Login using your User Id and password.Picture2

Step 3: Click on “Requests” on top of the screen.Picture3

Step 4: Select “USSD (NUUP) Requests”.Picture4

Step 5: Click on “Regenerate MPIN for USSD based MobileBanking facility”Picture10

Step 6: Enter your User ID, Transaction password and press “Submit”. Picture9

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